Bamboo Flooring

bambooPrimarily found in Southeast Asia and China, the bamboo is a fast-growing wood grass. It has been used widely throughout Asia for several years and has grown popular in the United States as a material for flooring. It is considered as an alternative to wood flooring, and is quite known for its appearance that is distinctive. Bamboo products are durable and lightweight, and can be expected to last for many years, with minimal maintenance.

Harvesting the bamboo plant is the first part of the process of making bamboo floors. The bamboo poles are stripped and sliced, then to remove moisture and starched it has to be boiled. Once dried, the strips are glued onto bamboo planks that are much bigger or onto backer boards.  To create strong, dense floorboards many layers of bamboo are glued on top of one another.  The finished product is given shine and protection by topping it with a sealer or top coat.

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Laminate Flooring

laminateAn alternative to other types of flooring materials and are sold with very low price is laminate flooring. It is designed to resemble wood or tile but actually it is made of a printed finish layer fused to a composite core. When it comes to uneven or damaged subfloors, it can be quite forgiving. It can be installed directly over wood, concrete or other flooring. This should not be confused with engineered flooring, since the latter is made from composite boards not a printed top coat but it is topped with real wood veneer.

There are different layers of materials for laminate flooring. The laminate plank or board has a core made from fiberboard, which is almost the same as plywood. To strengthen the board, the fiberboard layers are treated with a bonding agent.  The core is bonded and topped with a printed paper coating. It is then sealed and treated with melamine or other resins that act as a protective seal.

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4 Factors That May Affect Junk Removal Prices

It helps a lot to ask a junk removal company to help you deal with your junk items at home. Instead of just throwing them away, you can help save the environment as these items are to be recycled. Besides, removing junk from your home could take time and effort if you will do the entire process by yourself. Thus, with the help of junk removal services, all you have to do is to dispose the items on a container whenever you feel like doing it and it will be collected to you on a particular time of the month.

This process is very simple. All you have to do is to look for a company that offers this service and they will help you with the job. The only thing you have to remember is that each company offers different junk removal prices. One such company (, can really help you in this process.  It is important for you to compare and contrast the options so you won’t have to pay a lot in the end.

There are different factors that may affect the price of this service. You have to remember these factors so you can easily estimate how much will be paid for each time.

  1. Size of the container. Of course the rule of thumb is, if the container is huge, the payment is also high. However, it is not just the actual container that matters, but also the volume of junk contained in each container. If you are to put a lot and it will occupy more space on the truck, then you would have to pay more.
  1. Time of collection. If you ask for collection frequently, you would also have to pay every time. The tip here is to ask for the items to be collected once the container is full or almost full. You would have to pay more for the volume, but at least it won’t be done often. When you ask for the collection during busy seasons, then you would also have to pay more. At night, the charge could also be high.
  1. Time needed to complete the work. The time it takes for the job to be over is not necessarily a huge factor when paying. Labor cost is already included in what you are paying for. This will only be a big deal once there are a lot of items and it takes a longer time than usual to have them all carried on the truck. Thus, you would have to pay more.
  1. Availability of discounts. Check the store for discount coupons, promotions and discounts. This will help you a lot reduce the junk removal prices. This may not happen often, but if it does, then you have to grab the opportunity.

Junk removal service is very important. You need to keep your house clean and at the same time analyze the items you dispose. If you wish to help save the environment without really spending much of your energy, then let this type of service help you. You can start inquiring now so you will know more about the actual prices in each company.

A Closer Look at the Work Your Furnace Filter Does for You

Your furnace filter is a device put in place inside your HVAC system whose purpose is to remove as many impurities as it can from the air that your breathe in your home. This job is of the utmost importance as it can affect not only the performance of your HVAC system but moreover the quality of the air you and your family are breathing. Poor indoor air quality is one of the leasing causes of respiratory problems, so it is important that you keep up with the maintenance of the furnace filter in your home.

So what is it that the furnace filter removes from the air?

Most everyone knows that air filters –be it the one in your furnace, HVAC intake or one of those whole house filters — for the most part trap DUST in them. But what exactly is dust anyways? We kind of just thin of it as its own thing, but dust is actually made up of many nasty little things – the sum of which becomes that greyish nastiness we call dust.

Dust can contain some or all of the following things:

  • Dirt
  • Pollen
  • Small fibers from clothing, carpets and other things
  • Pet dander
  • HUMAN dander (yes humans have it too, in the form of dead skin cells – over 700,00 of them PER DAY!)
  • Mold spores (gross)
  • Other random toxins released by things like household cleaning products

Now, if that wasn’t bad enough, what happens is that all this adds up to dust and dust is food for dust mites. When these tiny little mites are in the air, they can trigger allergies and asthma. In one single ounce of dust you can find over 40,00 dust mites!

Your furnace filter is designed to trap all this nastiness that’s floating around in your home so that you and your family don’t breathe it in and run the risk of contracting a respiratory illness.

It’s important that you replace your furnace filter regularly, according to the schedule set forth by the filter’s manufacturer.

All air filters are not created equal

When it comes to air filters, you pretty much get what you pay for. Cheap fiberglass filters may be inexpensive and may make replacing your filter on a regular basis a little more affordable, but what you gain in cost you lose exponentially in effectiveness. Cheap filters are woven so loosely that they are only able to trap very large particles, allowing the smaller and more dangerous ones to pass right through them.

A lot of people think that you should only buy filters that are made by the same manufacturer that made your HVAC system. This is simply not true. An aftermarket furnace filter like those offered at can offer many more features that an OEM product cannot, such as odor blocking and designs that ensure a proper fit and an ease of replacement.

The bottom line is this: your furnace filter is a critical component of your HVAC system. After learning what it is that you and your family could be inhaling while resting comfortably in your home, it becomes clear that making sure you are buying the right filter and replacing it according to the manufacturer’s schedule is a paramount step towards ensuring the health of your family and the safe effective operation of your HVAC system.